July 26, 2016

Why every room in your home should have a Himalayan salt lamp


What are the health benefits?


Who wouldn’t want this beautiful glowing piece of our magnificent planet on display in their home? But just wait until you hear the health benefits. Despite being super pretty, Himalayan Salt Lamps have a variety of healing properties. Some of my fav are respiratory and allergy issues. But, they also help stress-related DIS-eases, insomnia and sleep issues. Not to mention what they can do for your skin. Muah. Beauty is in the air.

Children and Salt Lamps

When it comes to your kids, they fit the bill quite nicely. While working to purify those little lun
gs and cells, they are fun and don’t get hot enough to burn tender s
kin. If you are wondering, yes, they taste like salt if you lick them. Just ask my grandson. (Note from author: promoting the licking of salt lamps is not encouraged)


How do they work?


Do you remember a time when you were in the beautiful outdoors near a waterfall or maybe the ocean? Recall the way your lungs thanked you as you took in a nice deep breathe of that clean air? Well, that’s kind of how they work.IMG_5346 Just like a refreshing rainstorm, Salt lamps create negative ions. This is a good thing. That same principle is recreated by moisture in the air of our homes. The lamp attracts and absorbs the water as well as any foreign particles. As the lamp warms up from the bulb inside, the water evaporates back into the air and the dust, pollen, smoke and other contaminants remain locked in the salt.


July 11, 2016

Blissed Out Beginnings

2015-08-17 13.07.03

Welcome to our “Blissed Out” Journey. We would like to share each of our perspectives on this new adventure. 

(Marnie) About 8 years ago, my family was touched by alcoholism and drugs. I spent a few years confused and searching for a way to cope. I didn’t know it, but I had begun on a spiritual journey. I had a lot of anger and sadness to get rid of. I searched for ways to find happiness and I found them in meditation. 

After searching my soul, I learned even more about the life I wanted to live. I started to read everything I could on joy. As my demeanour shifted, I fielded several questions about where the changes were coming from. Over the years, I have also seen many changes in close family members. I constantly get asked why I am looking younger. I learned that love, kindness and forgiveness just plain made me feel better. So my life has been shifting. 

A while back, I wrote an article called “How addiction saved our Family”. It was a type of journal. Never meant to be seen by others. I started to share it with parents of addicted children to help them cope. It eventually was published at The National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependancies, Inc. and just last week I was thrilled to find out it was published in the Huffington Post. Feel free to read if it resonates with you or you are just plain curious. 

I started to share some of the things that helped me to meditate. Diffusing frankincense essential oils, stones, my singing bowl. I shared decluttering tips for my home and ways I used feng shui to increase flow. I stopped saying, “I wish I had time for a cup of tea” and started enjoying the tea. Things that really help my to relax. Then I started to help others find what they wanted and needed to relax & “bliss out”. 


July 4, 2016

Pink Lemonade Iced Tea

Cool and refreshing!

 IMG_5621  IMG_5601

This weekend was time to sample our newest Lemon Lily tea. We chose the Pink Lemonade herbal and it didn’t disappoint. We actually sold out after sampling and have to reorder. Making it was simple and with the bonus of knowing what all the ingredients are. We chose Lemon Lily Tea as they are 100% natural and Certified Organic. 

Here’s the recipe